Hazard Mitigation Planning

We specialize in developing and updating multi-hazard mitigation plans that result in actionable risk reduction strategies. Services include all aspects of plan development including hazard analysis and risk assessment, capability assessment, mitigation strategy development, and the facilitation of innovative public outreach and stakeholder engagement activities. All plans are tailored to meet local needs and are guaranteed to meet or exceed all applicable state and federal requirements for regulatory approval.

Risk Assessment & Communication

We help our clients and their constituents better understand their unique risks and vulnerabilities to natural and man-made hazards. Our risk assessments are conducted using the latest innovative tools and include the application of both qualitative and quantitative methods that enable the clear identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risk reduction strategies. We apply a robust approach that analyzes current and future conditions using the best available technical and scientific data, and we deliver results using creative and customized means for effective risk communication.

Coastal & Floodplain Management

We work closely with clients to effectively manage all potential flood risks through proactive planning and project implementation. This includes solutions to address impacts from urban/stormwater drainage to riverine and coastal flooding, including the long-term effects of sea level rise and a changing climate. Our services extend from supporting general compliance with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to preparing detailed flood mitigation plans and other activities which result in reduced risk and lower flood insurance premiums for NFIP policyholders.

Project Funding & Implementation

Our hazard mitigation and resiliency planning services are complemented by our ability to identify and leverage external sources of funding and other resources for project implementation. We provide clients with strategic and administrative support that includes project scoping and eligibility determinations, benefit-cost analysis, grant application development, and full project management support from inception to completion.

Disaster Recovery & Redevelopment

We provide technical and advisory assistance in the development of plans, policies, and strategies to help communities recover quickly and rebuild stronger in the aftermath of a major disaster. Our services focus on guiding long-term redevelopment decisions and reconstruction efforts in unison with maximizing mitigation and grant funding opportunities to bolster social, economic, and environmental resiliency.

Integrated Urban Resiliency Planning

Achieving optimal disaster resilience requires the systematic integration of many cross-cutting activities that are often managed in relative isolation. In all our work, we aim to synergize our clients’ capabilities and resources in ways that increase organizational coordination and efficiency. We specialize in the development of multi-objective strategies and procedures that incorporate hazard mitigation and resilience into community planning and development tools such as master or comprehensive land use plans, regulatory codes and standards, economic development plans, capital improvement plans, climate adaptation plans, and post-disaster recovery plans.

Punchard Consulting specializes in helping local governments apply for and maximize their participation in the Community Rating System (CRS), an incentive-based program that provides discounted flood insurance rates to property owners in return for community floodplain management activities.

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